In Quebec 2007

Thanks for visiting my blog!

My blog is simply about things that are happening in my life regardless of how ordinary they seem. A few years ago when I dug up my old diaries from childhood, I found it very amusing to read them again. I had interesting skills, such as making my sister bribe me to do what I want, and silly ideas, like that I had senority over everyone in my kindergarten class starting on my birthday (my birthday is in September). I was also reminded of keeping track of goals and progress – even writing down broken English lyrics to the opening theme of Sailor Moon in Korean and revising them day after day.

I am setting a goal to reminesce about these years in the future, and this blog will be instrumental to that goal. I hope that you will enjoy reading about many exciting changes to come in my life, as I move around, meet people, and try new things!



This blog may have a tendency at times to turn into a food blog, as I love food very much (although not as much as my dog, Skylar).