Not so big sister

by Girl

My brother came home from uni yesterday and when he asked for a medium-size sweater for Christmas, I wasn’t sure that he would be big enough for it. When my mom told me that when my brother holds Skylar while she cuts his nails because Skylar can feel the man-grip, I laughed. I can clearly remember when my brother was a tiny little thing on the floor sleeping.

But yesterday when my brother came home, it was absurd. He is so much bigger now, even compared to this time last year. He is actually taller than me but not just lanky. It was expected but surprising to me that he has grown so much.

Since I promised him that I would, I baked pizzas for him (and my mom) from scratch and baked some ginger mini-cakes that were supposed to be ginger cookies but came out poofy. I’m glad to see my brother again and see him growing up. He’s doing way better in uni than I ever did and as long as he doesn’t burn out, I am sure things will work out for him. 🙂

I’m going to jimjilbang in Chicago in a few days for a family road trip. It’s going to be on Skylar’s birthday and we will be gone for 24 hours so I am worried about Skylar but hopefully it will be okay. I will just have to put out food and water here and there for him to find throughout the 24 hours. It’s sad to leave him alone on his birthday but I guess I don’t have a choice… 😦