by Girl

Or more like not thinking.

My parents tell me that there’s a lot for me to think about.  That this point of my life is a very important time for many reasons – working on a good career, people that I meet, financial planning, and thinking about having my own family. It’s probably all true but I don’t have many thoughts or concrete plans.

I will see what areas interest me and make career decisions that way, I will hire a good accountant once I start making money, I will meet whoever I come across and I will eventually get married and have kids. Maybe I just want to appreciate what I have now – lots of free time on my holidays and my Skylar by my side to take care of. My biggest issue of the moment is what I want to eat next and I want to enjoy this luxury while it lasts. And even when I try to think about stuff, I really cannot come up with anything. Brain shutdown.

Annoying news: an old friend who apparently wants to catch up with me and misses me a lot doesn’t make any effort to contact me and forgets making plans with me. I’ve been looking forward to seeing him and I wait when he tells me that he will call but he doesn’t. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t really want to meet up. I’m not happy to be treated this way and pretty annoyed with him.