Month: December, 2011


This Christmas was more laid back than usual. We don’t usually do all the Christmas things that Canadians do so it was almost like there wasn’t a Christmas at our house.

My sister was away on a trip with her friends so it was just me, my brother, mom, dad and Skylar. Only my mom and my brother went to church while dad, Skylar and I stayed home. We didn’t have a tree and some gifts that we exchanged weren’t even wrapped. We didn’t do our gifts until mid-afternoon on Christmas day. I got a nice tea thermos that I wanted quite a bit from David’s tea from my sister, a nice thin hoodie (you can never have too many of these, just like you can never have too many PJ pants) from my brother and a bunch of Coach bags and clothes from my parents from when we went to Lighthouse outlet in Michigan.

A few days ago, our family took an overnight road trip (probably a first in the last decade and a half) to Chicago where we spent time in King Sauna jimjilbang and stopped at Michigan for shopping. My dad drove in the nighttime for 9 hours straight and seeing him talk, count, sing and do these things to stay awake made me feel bad. When he goes to work, that must be what he does too. It makes me nervous because it is dangerous as well. The sauna experience was weird because in a gender-segregated bathing areas, you had to be fully naked in front of everyone. But I survived. Different sauna rooms were pretty cool and relaxing. I really enjoyed the time there and it was a very good family trip.

This morning, my dad left for work and I won’t get to see him until probably next year. For Christmas, I wrote my parents long letters and they were both very touched by them. The more I get to know, the more I realize how much they are doing for the family. I am really grateful for them and I hope they stay healthy and happy for a long time so I can be a good daughter for them. I am looking forward to helping them out and sending them on trips once I start making money. I just really hope everything stays afloat until then.


Not so big sister

My brother came home from uni yesterday and when he asked for a medium-size sweater for Christmas, I wasn’t sure that he would be big enough for it. When my mom told me that when my brother holds Skylar while she cuts his nails because Skylar can feel the man-grip, I laughed. I can clearly remember when my brother was a tiny little thing on the floor sleeping.

But yesterday when my brother came home, it was absurd. He is so much bigger now, even compared to this time last year. He is actually taller than me but not just lanky. It was expected but surprising to me that he has grown so much.

Since I promised him that I would, I baked pizzas for him (and my mom) from scratch and baked some ginger mini-cakes that were supposed to be ginger cookies but came out poofy. I’m glad to see my brother again and see him growing up. He’s doing way better in uni than I ever did and as long as he doesn’t burn out, I am sure things will work out for him. 🙂

I’m going to jimjilbang in Chicago in a few days for a family road trip. It’s going to be on Skylar’s birthday and we will be gone for 24 hours so I am worried about Skylar but hopefully it will be okay. I will just have to put out food and water here and there for him to find throughout the 24 hours. It’s sad to leave him alone on his birthday but I guess I don’t have a choice… 😦


Or more like not thinking.

My parents tell me that there’s a lot for me to think about.  That this point of my life is a very important time for many reasons – working on a good career, people that I meet, financial planning, and thinking about having my own family. It’s probably all true but I don’t have many thoughts or concrete plans.

I will see what areas interest me and make career decisions that way, I will hire a good accountant once I start making money, I will meet whoever I come across and I will eventually get married and have kids. Maybe I just want to appreciate what I have now – lots of free time on my holidays and my Skylar by my side to take care of. My biggest issue of the moment is what I want to eat next and I want to enjoy this luxury while it lasts. And even when I try to think about stuff, I really cannot come up with anything. Brain shutdown.

Annoying news: an old friend who apparently wants to catch up with me and misses me a lot doesn’t make any effort to contact me and forgets making plans with me. I’ve been looking forward to seeing him and I wait when he tells me that he will call but he doesn’t. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t really want to meet up. I’m not happy to be treated this way and pretty annoyed with him.

Already the end of 2011

Back to my old habits of blogging only on holidays…I will be happy if I write even one sentence every few days.

Second year med is done and I’m just enjoying my time off in Toronto. While it’s relaxing to not have anything to do, it’s hard to understand how stressful I can get around my family.

I am busy rehabilitating my dog back to reasonable health. He suffers from food allergies and a bacterial infection. Planning on taking him to the vet tomorrow.