Racism in Australia

by Girl

In speaking to people who are not in Australia, one of the comments/questions that come up about it other than “Oh, it’s a beautiful place” and “How hot does it get there?” is a string of words said hesitantly and carefully about racism in Australia. I haven’t even been in Australia for a year and during that period, I’ve only been a student living in Adelaide. While my Australian knowledge is limited, I can comment on what I have experienced so far.

I understand that Australia is a country and you will get all sorts of people thinking all sorts of things with all sorts of attitudes. But a few things about it makes me uncomfortable to think about and because I don’t know enough about them yet, I am hesitant to go into detail here. By first impressions…general Australian attitudes and actions toward its Indigenous people confuses me; I don’t understand the harsh “love it or leave it” attitude about newcomers to Australia; it seems like there’s a lack of strong & persistent infrastructure to support Indigenous and refugee initiatives; and how Australia seems to be behind its time – surgical specialties are still very much the boy’s club and I have had too many instances when white people patronize me (or worse) even before I say a word, based on the colour of my skin.

I enjoy living in Australia. But coming back home to Toronto and being immersed in its environment, I realize how much potential my local Adelaide neighbourhood can realize when it comes to acceptance and commitment to change.

Wednesday ,January 26th is Australia Day. Like I said earlier, I don’t know much about Australia. But I know that it confuses me and makes me feel iffy sometimes. This is an interesting article by Michael Brull, “Why I Won’t Be Celebrating Australia Day”.