Last Night at Home Before 2nd Year

by Girl

Tonight is the last night that I get to sleep in my bed in Toronto in a house filled with family, homemade Korean food and 3 packed luggages. I’ve been fortunate to be home for almost 2 months but time really has passed very fast. Tomorrow, I will fly to Adelaide and I will be disoriented by the journey again.

Looking back, it’s been a productive break. I did observerships at Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network and Sunnybrook Hospital. I met some helpful people, got to see lots of things, and learned some things along the way as well. I caught up on some west coast swing and took some dance classes that my sister got me coupons for. Also went shopping for clothes, tea and biscuits. I did some catching up with friends from high school, church and university.

I find it harder to leave home this time than last time. I guess I missed my family more than I realized. I really love them. I feel sorry for so many things to each of them. I am so grateful for many things to each of them too, especially to my parents. I have so many things that I want to do for them. I am going to keep in touch with them better in 2011 than I did in 2010. Already I am looking forward to coming back to visit my family next winter.

My plans for tomorrow – clean my room and around the house, give my love Skylar a shower, maybe go to Shoppers to see if I need to pick up anything else, and eat food that my mom made before going to the airport. Tomorrow at the airport will be the most difficult time I’ve had in the past year. I love you, Appa, Umma, Julia, Albert, and Skylar.