One Year of Gratitude (in 90 Seconds)

by Girl

In Korea, newborn babies are considered to be 1 year old. I guess they count gestational age and round up. From what I remember, when the new year begins (e.g. changing over from 2010 to 2011) everyone adds a year to their age. They celebrate their birthday but their age increases on January 1st of the new year. That makes me 27 years old in Korean, which is 2 years more than my Canadian age. I’ve never been older. :S

Being caught between first and second year of medical school and enjoying my holidays at home with family, I think I’ve learned a lot in 2010. There were probably more lessons to be had outside the school than at school…not to say that first year has been a cakewalk. 🙂

Going on a slight tangent – I am a fan of Jason Mraz and one of his Facebook notes in early January was called “10-years of Gratitude (in 90 seconds)”. I want to attempt to do something similar here but for 2010 only. While there have been some difficulties, I have a lot more to be grateful for than to be bitter for. So I’m setting the watch.

I am grateful for:

  • my parents for stoney solid support and love
  • my brother for taking care of my parents and still taking homemade lunches…in grade 12
  • my sister for being independent and having determination
  • my Skylar (dog) for his gentle soul
  • natural beauty products – korres, ole henriksen, some Australian brand I can’t remember
  • fitness – gym, Jilliam Michaels
  • my passion for learning that I rediscovered at school
  • losing my apathy when it comes to global health issues
  • gaining a broader perspective and desire to do something re: global health issues
  • trip to tasmania
  • west coast swing – toronto crew & adelaide
  • frisbee social league with friends
  • topical steroids for mosquito bites
  • responsibilities
  • great friends at school with whom I know I will keep in touch for the rest of my life
  • matcha powder
  • tea
  • bubble tea
  • hoi nam chicken
  • Italian coffee
  • oysters
  • dark chocolate that got me through swotvac (studying week before the exams)
  • lightbulb moments when my thoughts are racing and heart is pounding
  • friends who are family
  • coconut milk & coconut cream & coconut water
  • sharing great recipes
  • courage
  • farmer’s markets
  • mangos mangos mangos. i love mangos. mangos. yum.
  • watermelon juice on rundle mall
  • g-market
  • ginger beer
  • bush tucker
  • glasses to help me see better
  • the truth
  • skype
  • catching up with old friends
  • forgiveness
  • continuing love
  • blister-preventing stick
  • opportunities

That went beyond 90 seconds but I just couldn’t stop at “topical steroids”. There are more, I am sure…and there will be lots more to come in 2011.

I take off for Australia on Monday. More adventures to come and I will try to keep a log here as best as I can. 🙂