Oh wow

by Girl

I can’t believe that during my time of inactivity on this blog, there have been visitors here. Most are from Googling key words but I still find it amusing.

My time has been spent on a couple of things lately. So here are my list of updates.

1) School. It’s lots of work and exams are sooner than I thought.

2) Health and Human Rights Group. We’ve had a few events (speaker series, fairtrade coffee break) and there are more coming up! Networking through this group has been great.

3) Frisbee – social, training and league. Two nights a week is turning out to be too much and the league can get stressful, mostly because I am hard on myself. So as much as I would like there to be 50 hrs in a day to do it all, I will need to cut this down next semester.

4) Fun stuffs with school buddies – house parties, med ball, city outings.

5) Visiting the farmer’s market on Sundays. I bought a membership at Adelaide Showground Farmer’s Market to get 10% off at all the stalls.

6) Watching (almost) weekly shoes of How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee.

7) Hanging out with the Boyfriend.

8) Some video games but not really. Mostly watching Shawn play video games but he gets me to try them all. Only 6-ish months to go until Fable III! My heads hurts from excitement when I read about it and think about it.

9) Cooking and baking too many sweets and treats. Some for my own enjoyment and some for my lovely PBL group, to whom I am becoming pretty attached to.