Wine-o In Training

by Girl

Today was the long awaited trip to the Barossa valley for wineri visits!!! Kortnie, Gajen, Jaein and I left nice and early around 9am and ended up making it back after 6pm. It was a day full of epicureanism – wine tastings, fine food, and pretty countryside views.

We first went to Seppeltsfield winery, which had lots of merchandise including clothes, wine racks, chocolate and beer. It was one of the bigger ones we went to today and although we paid $5 for a wine tasting, we tasted probably a dozen quality wines. They specialize in fortified wines but I didn’t end up getting any. We made a stop at Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop, which had lots of food for tasting on display. I tried fruit paste, jam, olive oils, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, chutney, pate, biscuits, dukkah, etc. and ended up buying a package of kalamata olive biscuit. Peter Lehmann winery was our next stop and it was a gorgeous property. But there were a lot of people and the lunch platter that we were looking forward to was too small portion for us. So we went into Tanunda for some lunch before continuing on with wine tastings.

After wolfing down a traditional german roll, we headed to Langmeil winery, which was on top of my list because it was highly recommended by Tripadvisor for Barossa. It did not disappoint and I bought a 4-year old Barossa Tawny which was on sale for $10! It had the most wonderful nutty, hazelnut aftertaste! I can’t wait to open that bottle one day. We then went to the top one on Jaein’s list, Rockfords winery. They had a food tasting with different jams, preserves, chutney and pastes and I was very tempted to buy a few but luckily, they only took cash. At the cellar door, we did a tasting off of their rather short menu but all walked away with a bottle of Frontignac each.

Our last winery stop was Bethany winery, which was built in a quarry. By this point, I’d had enough to drink that it was a waste of wine for me to do tastings, although they had a really good sweet white wine that I will probably return to buy one day.

On our way back, we stopped at Menglers Hill for a panoramic view of the Barossa wine region, as well as the whispering wall, which was (as Eunice had talked about it) pretty impressive!! Kortnie had a stressful drive back into the city because the roads that we were on were very twisty through the hills and cars were impatient…but it was all good in the end. 🙂

And as if I didn’t have enough wine today, I opened my Lion Heart from Leconfield tonight after leftover Easter ham dinner…I think I am starting to get an idea of wines and acquiring the palate for it? I’m not sure so I’ll just keep drinking and planning for the next trip into Barossa valley, which has more than 70 wineries…