Frisbee in Adelaide

by Girl

I decided to keep up with frisbee in Adelaide. Actually, to do more than keep up – I want to improve this year. So I joined a social league team as well as a women’s league team with Flinders University Ultimate Frisbee Club. Most of the people on the social team are my classmates and their partners and there’s a good mix of girls on the woman’s team. Everyone is very nice and willing to give advice and be patient as others learn. They also have a good structure running their club, like running different drills and pointing out specific skills that we could be focusing on improving during the game.

Having played a summer team in Saskatoon, I am more comfortable on the field compared to when I first started out. But despite the slightly raised level of comfort, I have a lot to work on, especially when it comes to being on the offence. I never learned what to do when on the offence properly and I’m finding it very useful to play games and practices where there are highly qualified players (some play for the national team) coaching us on what to do. I think I understand what “stack” means now, although putting it into action is still tricky.

I play twice a week, which may be a bit too much commitment but I will probably get busier as time goes by anyways. Shawn bought me a sport shirt and a pair of bright yellow cleats as Valentine’s gifts so that I can work on my frisbee game. 🙂