by Girl

I think it’s safe to say that Surfari marks the end of med school orientation.

On Friday, I left for Victor Harbour with 1st and 2nd years for a weekend of camping and surfing. Friday night was a BBQ followed by a chilling session, Aussie style. Some guys brought a didgeridoo, djembe drums, and a guitar for a jam session but we got kicked out for making too much noise so naturally, we all moved to the oval, which is just a big open area (like a baseball diamond). Because of fire restrictions in South Australia, campfires are forbidden. So the traditional camping activities that I was looking forward to, like campfires, s’mores and cozying up by the fire, was non-existent. The next morning after breakfast, we took off to the beach for a day of surfing.

The surfing lesson itself was pretty short, probably about 15 minutes or so. I tried for probably an hour to surf but I didn’t really succeed. Most of the time, I was trying to get out far enough to catch the bigger waves, which was basically jumping over the waves with my board. A few times I caught decent waves but didn’t have the guts to stand up so I stayed on my knees, except for once when I stood up for a split second. I didn’t drink a lot of sea water but I did fall fair bit. By the end, I found myself washing up on shore with Jaein and Rachel. Although I didn’t do too well, it was pretty fun and I would do it again.

After dinner at the Crown, I came back home so that I would have Sunday to recoup and study. This week is going to be pretty busy too…school is still very fun though and I do get out to do extracurricular stuffs! The only complaint is that I don’t know if I will have energy mid-week to go grocery shopping at the Central Market with my trolley. I probably will. 🙂