In Full Throttle

by Girl

I am not “in full throttle”. Life around me is.

My school is easing us into a routine that is still pretty exciting for me. Social events are too frequent and sometimes too wild to keep up with but I do plan to go on a surfing camp trip, 2 house parties and a pyrotechnics display in the next week. There’s lots happening and perhaps too much to keep up with – I missed two dance classes in a row and a frisbee practice – but it’s still a student’s life.

There are others around me who are experiencing babies, caring for sick loved ones, starting their residency training, getting engaged, getting married, getting a divorce, and starting awesome new jobs. All of these are of separate individuals but it’s helped me realize that I am now at an age where I am in the middle of life in full throttle. Big events are starting to happen around me and I feel a little like I’m in a student bubble although I guess going to school itself is a big event. I’m not going to focus on things that I am missing out on and just enjoy the next few years because it’ll be gone in a flash.

Now, here’s a pretty song by Tori Amos, who is my study companion.: