A Free Minute

by Girl

I’m in second week of school and it’s busy, boring, challenging, and awesome.

They’re giving us lots of info but most of it is just to get us settled into their curriculum format. Flinders does problem-based learning (PBL) so there is lots of student-directed learning that goes on. I think it’s a pretty good program so far!

Boring is well because some stuff has been pretty basic. I swear there is a lecture that felt longer than my first week of school – and that was a long week! But it’s still challenging because of the student-directed learning part. My PBL group comes up with good questions and learning issues and  we each go off and look stuff up before reporting back.

It’s also awesome because it’s pretty chummy around the school. I’m still meeting new people – or re-meeting people that I have already met but don’t remember. There are all sorts of people like in undergrad so it’s going to be interesting. There are lots of social things going on. Meet-&-greet, pubcrawl, BBQs, quiz night, housewarming, etc. I have had more alcohol in the past week and a half than the last few years combined.

Shawn and I are going WCS dancing tonight so I gotta get some work done before we head off! 🙂

Update: Boo, boyfriend sick so no dancing. 😦 Missing it two weeks in a row!