Month: March, 2010

Frisbee in Adelaide

I decided to keep up with frisbee in Adelaide. Actually, to do more than keep up – I want to improve this year. So I joined a social league team as well as a women’s league team with Flinders University Ultimate Frisbee Club. Most of the people on the social team are my classmates and their partners and there’s a good mix of girls on the woman’s team. Everyone is very nice and willing to give advice and be patient as others learn. They also have a good structure running their club, like running different drills and pointing out specific skills that we could be focusing on improving during the game.

Having played a summer team in Saskatoon, I am more comfortable on the field compared to when I first started out. But despite the slightly raised level of comfort, I have a lot to work on, especially when it comes to being on the offence. I never learned what to do when on the offence properly and I’m finding it very useful to play games and practices where there are highly qualified players (some play for the national team) coaching us on what to do. I think I understand what “stack” means now, although putting it into action is still tricky.

I play twice a week, which may be a bit too much commitment but I will probably get busier as time goes by anyways. Shawn bought me a sport shirt and a pair of bright yellow cleats as Valentine’s gifts so that I can work on my frisbee game. 🙂



I think it’s safe to say that Surfari marks the end of med school orientation.

On Friday, I left for Victor Harbour with 1st and 2nd years for a weekend of camping and surfing. Friday night was a BBQ followed by a chilling session, Aussie style. Some guys brought a didgeridoo, djembe drums, and a guitar for a jam session but we got kicked out for making too much noise so naturally, we all moved to the oval, which is just a big open area (like a baseball diamond). Because of fire restrictions in South Australia, campfires are forbidden. So the traditional camping activities that I was looking forward to, like campfires, s’mores and cozying up by the fire, was non-existent. The next morning after breakfast, we took off to the beach for a day of surfing.

The surfing lesson itself was pretty short, probably about 15 minutes or so. I tried for probably an hour to surf but I didn’t really succeed. Most of the time, I was trying to get out far enough to catch the bigger waves, which was basically jumping over the waves with my board. A few times I caught decent waves but didn’t have the guts to stand up so I stayed on my knees, except for once when I stood up for a split second. I didn’t drink a lot of sea water but I did fall fair bit. By the end, I found myself washing up on shore with Jaein and Rachel. Although I didn’t do too well, it was pretty fun and I would do it again.

After dinner at the Crown, I came back home so that I would have Sunday to recoup and study. This week is going to be pretty busy too…school is still very fun though and I do get out to do extracurricular stuffs! The only complaint is that I don’t know if I will have energy mid-week to go grocery shopping at the Central Market with my trolley. I probably will. 🙂

In Full Throttle

I am not “in full throttle”. Life around me is.

My school is easing us into a routine that is still pretty exciting for me. Social events are too frequent and sometimes too wild to keep up with but I do plan to go on a surfing camp trip, 2 house parties and a pyrotechnics display in the next week. There’s lots happening and perhaps too much to keep up with – I missed two dance classes in a row and a frisbee practice – but it’s still a student’s life.

There are others around me who are experiencing babies, caring for sick loved ones, starting their residency training, getting engaged, getting married, getting a divorce, and starting awesome new jobs. All of these are of separate individuals but it’s helped me realize that I am now at an age where I am in the middle of life in full throttle. Big events are starting to happen around me and I feel a little like I’m in a student bubble although I guess going to school itself is a big event. I’m not going to focus on things that I am missing out on and just enjoy the next few years because it’ll be gone in a flash.

Now, here’s a pretty song by Tori Amos, who is my study companion.:

A Free Minute

I’m in second week of school and it’s busy, boring, challenging, and awesome.

They’re giving us lots of info but most of it is just to get us settled into their curriculum format. Flinders does problem-based learning (PBL) so there is lots of student-directed learning that goes on. I think it’s a pretty good program so far!

Boring is well because some stuff has been pretty basic. I swear there is a lecture that felt longer than my first week of school – and that was a long week! But it’s still challenging because of the student-directed learning part. My PBL group comes up with good questions and learning issues and  we each go off and look stuff up before reporting back.

It’s also awesome because it’s pretty chummy around the school. I’m still meeting new people – or re-meeting people that I have already met but don’t remember. There are all sorts of people like in undergrad so it’s going to be interesting. There are lots of social things going on. Meet-&-greet, pubcrawl, BBQs, quiz night, housewarming, etc. I have had more alcohol in the past week and a half than the last few years combined.

Shawn and I are going WCS dancing tonight so I gotta get some work done before we head off! 🙂

Update: Boo, boyfriend sick so no dancing. 😦 Missing it two weeks in a row!