Twas the Night Before Med School

by Girl

And all was exciting!

I had my international students only orientation today, which was somewhat informative but really was another excuse to see the international students. There was a guy who had been in Adelaide for the past month but missed out on a lot because he wasn’t on the mailing list, a girl who arrived just yesterday and many usual people that I’ve seen already. We have our own winery tour on Saturday so that should be fun times.

I got my eyes checked and ordered glasses for next week. My right eye is the “bad eye” and if I was to get contacts, I would only need one for my bad eye. I think I will get used to wearing glasses first then move onto contacts or something. The optometrist was very nice and said that my English sounds funny – he was Asian so I wasn’t offended but maybe I would’ve been if he was white?

Tonight I took Shawn to Third Foot Adelaide’s West Coast Swing dance lesson and social dance. He had done WCS before but I am pretty sure he learned it wrong it Saskatoon because his counts are off. Other than that, he’s a fairly strong leader and gentle enough too. Many women were thrilled that there was another young guy with potential and very glad that he would be around for the next 4 years. Shawn enjoyed it a lot too so we’ll be going back as often as we can.

I gotta get up bright and early tomorrow and make my way to school to get my locker and start orienting. After a full day of orientation is a pre-drinks party at a second year’s house then a meet and greet at a bar. It’s going to be awesome!! 🙂