Visas and health issues

by Girl

At the internationals’ dinner last Saturday night, I spoke to some second years who strongly advised me that getting Shawn onto my visa would be very helpful for his job hunting in Australia. Given that he hasn’t had any luck yet and thinking out the logic behind it, we decided to do just that.

Because of internet technicalities, we have to lodge paper applications for our visas and I noticed that on the paper forms, it asks me if I will be studying to become a doctor and if so, I would need a medical check done!! Online forms just asked if I would be working as a doctor so I didn’t need a medical check for the student visa I got back in October. Some second years thought it was weird that some of us didn’t get a medical check but I guess now I need to have it done.

I went to the medibank office for my first appointment where they do screening, bloodwork and x-rays. During my screening, I flunked the eye test with my right eye. It was pretty pathetic. I couldn’t make out even the single biggest letter on the wall – I guessed an H, it was a T. Although U of Saskatchewan med students were in awe of my apparent 20/20 vision by their ways of testing eye sight, today’s eye exam revealed that I am almost blind in one eye. This would explain why the other eye twitches and I get massive headaches. Shawn thinks that this would also explain why I sometimes think that he is making weird faces at me.

So I booked an appointment with an optometrist this Thursday after my orientation. I’ve been here for a while, enjoying a leisurely lifestyle and just as school is about to start, I have these errands and issues pop up. That’s the way it goes!