No More Melting!!

by Girl

I bought a portable air con today at The Good Guys – Edwardstown from a Canadian salesperson, Paul W. He offered a great deal on a unit that was already on sale and now my lounge is at a cool 24 degrees. 8)

The hot weather in Adelaide comes in waves. There are warm days where temperatures linger at high 20’s during the day and it’s cooler in the mornings and evenings. Once in a while, there are cool days where temperature “falls” to low 20’s and you see a few people wearing sweaters and jackets. Then there are 3-4 days of heat wave, where temperatures spike up to above 30’s and reach even over 40’s. It’s not too different from severe heat wave days in Toronto where people are encouraged to stay inside and drink lots of fluid and tele-commute to work, except that people here go about their own business like it’s another day. Some even wear jeans – full-length!!

Thankfully, the next few days will be cooler. I hope there won’t be too many more heat waves for the rest of this summer.