Waiting Game

by Girl

So it’s been a month now since I’ve been in Adelaide. Now that I’m pretty much all set up, I need to think of ways to fill my days because internet can only entertain me for so long.

I made an eye pillow from scratch. I went to Lincraft (kind of like a mixture of Fabricland and Michael’s but more chaotic and less pretty) and got fabrics and a sewing kit. I picked up some linseeds (flaxseeds) and dried lavender flowers from health food stores in Central Market. When I was in Toronto, I really enjoyed restorative yoga classes at Kula yoga and I have been wanting to get an eye pillow ever since. I was so surprised at how relaxing it is. Now that I’ve made one with the help of internet, I can relax my eyes any time I want. I plan to make one for Shawn too.

I’ve been to the library, the beach, and I don’t want to go to my school because I will be there plenty later on. International and interstate students are arriving now to settle in before school begins. I went out for a meet and greet dinner and drinks with them last Saturday and there were about 20 people who showed up. We ate at a nice Thai restaurant called Lemongrass, then moved a few blocks down to Belgium Beer Cafe where I had a glass of Stella Artois. Maybe I’m going into student mode (and I usually hate beer) but I enjoyed my beer very much. Some second years came by to meet us and lead us to a place with cheaper beer across the street, called Electric Light Hotel. Thinking back, I can’t remember many people very well but there will be lots of time to be spent with each other in the years to come.

One thing I took away from the beer night is that people in Adelaide dress up to go to the bar. Like clubbing dress up. So yesterday, I went to the Marion shopping centre to escape the heat and to pick up a pair of heels. It’s been pretty hot the last few days and although there are many great things about my place, air conditioning is not one of them. So I am wondering now if I should get one because I can’t focus enough to make food, let alone study, when it’s hot. I will probably buy one tomorrow.