Two Weeks in Twenty Items

by Girl

On the jetty in Glenelg

1) I moved into an apartment! It’s close to the city and to a bus stop where I can catch my school buses. It’s recently renovated and barely furnished but good enough for living. I’m not in a huge hurry to buy absolutely everything.

2) I’ve been testing out recipes and eating fairly well. I have even been writing them in my recipe book. It really helps that the quality of food is great at the markets. The past few days, I have had green curry with chicken, salmon nori rolls over soba noodles, East African sweet potato corn patties, and prawns (shrimp) in chili garlic sauce.

3) The hot weather makes me drink water a lot. I don’t think it’s 8 cups a day but probably close to 6 cups.

4) The night sky in my neighbourhood is very clear that stars are super bright. I want to pick up on constellation books so I can identify star patterns like I used to when I was a child.

5) Sizes for clothes are weird here. I have been a size 0 and a size 8 on the same day.

6) Shawn is looking for a job. It’s slow going but he’s working on it.

7) Going to Glenelg beach and feeling the ocean breeze reminds me each time how much I love oceans and the salty air.

8) Coffee is better here compared to Starbucks back home. There is a large Italian population in Adelaide so there’s quality to maintain. There’s usually no brewed coffee in cafés, they make it to order. It’s easy to find good pastries at the market too. I like Cibo.

9) Shawn and I met up with “Canadians in South Australia” group. Most of them are older, around our parents’ ages but it’s good to have Canadian connections in a foreign land.

10) I’ve met up with some fellow future meddies and well, it’s going to be an interesting experience.

11) It looks like my fitness aspect of life will have to be satisfied at home. I am not into club-scene meat-market gyms and my school gym kind of sucks for the 3 million it took to build. My xpert x-pole arrived yesterday. I have yet to try bikram yoga here and that’s on my to-do’s for next week!

12) In one of the “How I Met Your Mother” episodes, Marshall and Lily have something called death letters. They contain important information about personal accounts and any last words. I started mine today…just in case!

13) Public transportation here is good and bad. Shawn and I like the tram quite a bit – especially the new red and blue ones. Buses are hit and miss but there are plenty – if you are not in a hurry.

14) I went to my first Aussie house party last Saturday to celebrate Kate’s birthday. Really, I don’t know how I would’ve turned out without her help in my first week and a half in Australia. She’s wonderful and I am glad to have caught up with her over coffee this week.

15) Mangos are still awesome but we’re going into melon season now! Mmm rockmelons (cantalopes).

16) I get lots of perks with my full-time student status. Concession prices on public transport and movie tickets! I joined Palace Nova Cinemas to get $10 tickets + 2 free tickets.

17) I don’t know if it’s because people don’t tip here or wages are not based on concession but customer service can be pretty awful. Especially Adam internet call-centre people.

18) There’s a chocolate museum near my place. It’s the same company as the one we get truffles from few times a week, called Haigh’s Chocolates.

19) I’ve bought lots of organic/natural beauty products to keep me hydrated and well-adjusted to this Mediterranean climate. I think it’s working and my face smells heavenly.

20) I miss my family including my love Skylar. But each day goes by too quickly.