Odd pieces

by Girl

There have been some oddities that I have experienced in my whole 4 days of being here.

Australian English takes a bit longer to process than Canadian English. This happens when they substitute commonly used words with their synonyms, insert slangs in sentences, speak very fast (because of different intonation), or any combination of the three.

The ‘falling of tree branches’ is a serious matter. I’ve seen a number of big tree branches on the ground throughout the heat wave. They can fall due to extreme weather and it’s no joke when camp officers advise against pitching a tent under a tree. Yesterday, a girl was killed because her car was crushed by a tree branch that fell onto a major road. Very bad luck and pretty scary.

Nothing is free in Australia and having some sort of unlimited service (e.g. internet, phone) can be quite expensive. But then again, prices listed include tax and there’s no need to tip.

Mangos are in season now and they are deeeelicious. Very sweet and perfectly soft. At the Central Market today, mangos were on display at many corners for competitive prices with some vendors shouting, “mangos only a dollar each!” In Brisbane, they are having a problem with overstocked mangos because they are producing faster than selling. I am so glad that I came when mangos are in season.