First Impressions

by Girl

I am in Adelaide!!

It’s not a megatropolis of a city but it’s not a sad little town either. It’s better described as booming in some places and quite quaint in other places. I arrived in the middle of a 40 degree heat wave and riding in a van with a welcome guy from Flinders was a workout in itself. In my short stay here so far, I have seen and done a lot, thanks to my future classmate, Kate. She has been very accommodating and helpful, giving lots of advice for living in Adelaide. She is one of many students of FMS 2010 who have changed their careers to pursue their dream of practicing medicine.

I have visited some tourist destinations like the Central Market, Marion shopping centre, and the Rundle mall. I was totally overwhelmed at a Saturday afternoon in Central Market. It was so busy with people yelling about mangoes for sale, which are in season and gloriously delicious.  The Marion was much bigger than I expected with great post-Christmas sales going on. Shawn treated me to a 3-D Avatar movie. He had been talking it up for a while and I must say, it was pretty damn good. The Rundle mall is an outdoor strip of stores – not what Torontonians would call a mall but it is what Saskatoonians (?) would call a mall. There are buskers playing their instruments or singing while people stroll by and hop in and out of shops.

My first impression of Adelaide is pretty positive. I like the feel of the city and neighbourhoods. I like that Australians prefer a bit more elbow room than North Americans – theatre seats are roomier and lands are bigger. I am having a slight difficulty with the accents but I’m sure I’ll get over it soon. The heat wave doesn’t bother me too much because Toronto has had similar heat waves. The only negative I can find is that the Adelaide hills are not full of trees and I think I prefer full coverage like in Cape Breton Islands…but that’s a pretty minor negative. Oh I’m so tired because of the jet lag so I’m going to crash again. Good night.