Cathay Pacific Flights Review

by Girl

I flew Cathay Pacific for my Vancouver – Hong Kong (13.5 hrs) and Hong Kong – Adelaide (10.5 hrs) trips and I was pleasantly surprised with the service in the economy class in the first trip, although the lack of leg room killed my knees by the end. I thought I was well-fed and entertained in the economy class but Cathay business class rocks!

Shawn and I knew that Hong Kong – Adelaide leg of our trip would be pretty comfortable but we were very impressed!
The staff addressed is by our names and kept the drinks flowing. I particularly liked “oriental breeze”, which is “a sour-plum tea and cranberry juiced based non-alcoholic drink with honey and fresh lemon juice and a hint or rosewater”. It tastes as fresh as it sounds.
We were pampered with hot towels, amenities package filled with goodies, heavy cutleries (which Shawn loves) and a five-course dinner. Our entertainment screen was much larger (4x as big) than in the economy class and the headsets were noise-cancelling. And of course, the seats were awesome and fully adjustable however we wanted them. I had a nice 2-hr nap on my seat reclined to a bed with a comfy thick blanket and a pillow.
For breakfast, I had a glass of pulpy orange juice and Chinese-style dim sum with a selection of tropical fruits splashed with lime juice. The dim sum wasn’t as greasy as it was in Saskatoon which was a big plus but Shawn said that it missed some flavour. With some more down-time watching TV shows, we landed in the 40 degree heat wave of Adelaide. And of course, there wasn’t waiting for people to move along as we were the first ones to de-board.
I will be putting up pictures later when I can find my USB cord for my camera. My business class flight was so much more pleasant than my economy class flight, and I would be very tempted to upgrade for my future flights because seriously, when you are flying more than half-way across the globe over two days, it is worth it.