Hong Kong

by Girl

In Hong Kong right now, waiting for my next flight…it’s been kind of smooth flying so far. I really like Cathay Pacific. Great service and decent food too, all for free. Fun interactive entertainment screen too with movies, TV, games, and music. From Vancouver to Hong Kong, I was in Economy class but upon arrival, I found out that we’ve been boosted up to Business class. I hope there’s more leg room there because my knees were getting sore. Shawn just checked the pdf of Business class seats and seats recline all the way to become beds with plenty of leg room. Awesome! I wonder if the upgrade is because we racked up points flying from Vancouver to Hong Kong..?

I called home from Vancouver and I’ll be Skyping soon before my flight to Adelaide. (I called home and my dad told me that they found Skylar alone in my room on his little blanket. He said that although Skylar can’t speak he probably knows what’s going on and he will adapt again to me being gone. His blanket is now moved to my sister’s room so I really hope that he will be well soon. It makes me sad that he misses me.) My sleeping schedule is all over the place. I haven’t been sleeping well this past week anyways due to anxiety and stress (and excitement?) so it’s no different now.

I was excited to come check out the Hong Kong airport and all its shops but I’m not hungry and they are pretty ritzy (more like boutiques). So I got an original bubble tea and am relaxing for now. I will be somewhat disoriented when I land in Adelaide but hopefully all will go as planned.