Two More Sleeps

by Girl

There are now only two more nights at home until I have to catch a series of planes to Adelaide, a city that I will be living in for (at least) the next four years.

While this stay has been similar to times before I left for Saskatoon – packing, seeing people, relaxing – it has quite a different feeling. The main difference is that there have been more heart-to-hearts, especially with my family. Things may go unsaid in my family but a lot of things are understood. But in past few weeks, some things have happened that makes me feel closer to them.

My babyska got new toys and clothes. He is a vicious chewer and destroyed the toys within 12 hours of getting them. He still looks at me with all the love in his little body and soul and trusts me entirely, even when I am grooming his pads and nails. My brother, who wanted to get a motorcycle license, had a difficult time convincing my mom so I sat him down and gave him tactics on how to persuade them or at least make it hard for them to say no. It’s a skill that I have learned that works on my parents, which is information overload with deep serious attitude. My sister, who spends her time studying for school, getting her braces fixed, and making money to get her braces fixed, got some money from me to help pay to get her braces fixed (Note: Just found out that she blew the money irresponsibly. Idiot.)

My mom, who is a firm believer in God, took me to a pastor at her new Mississauga Korean church to pray over me as I head out to study. I have never met the pastor but he was nice and his prayer was very caring and thoughtful. I heard my mom cry as he prayed and I understood how much she loves me. My dad, who was once an old-fashioned disciplinarian of the family, apologized for times that he was too harsh. He even remembered things from my junior kindergarten days and explained that he really loves me and perhaps it’s even more so because I am his first baby.

Tomorrow, I will spend my day eating congee, taking a bath, giving babyska a bath, and weighing my baggages.