Turn It Around

by Girl

Maybe it’s the feel-good talk at yoga classes or the overpriced anti-stress massage lotion that I keep rubbing on behind my neck. Or maybe I’ve finally gone past the maximum point of frustration and prospective homesickness, and am now all “come-what-may”.

When my friends were expecting a baby and didn’t want to know the sex of their baby, I asked them why. How else were they going to decide on decorations for the nursery? Will they be happy dressing their newborn in green all the time with the clothes they got at their baby shower from friends who were aiming for gender-neutral clothing? Then they gave me an unexpected answer that was quite satisfying: the moment when their baby is born and its sex is revealed would be one of the very few times in life when they would be completely surprised, and they didn’t want to forgo that opportunity.

It’s true. It’s hard to find truly surprising moments in every day life. A bit of stability and peace of mind is nice but by shaking it up once in a while, things settle differently and I can add that much more texture to my life. I will try not to worry as it is for certain that I will not be homeless or go hungry, and can hop on a plane to Toronto whenever I want. I will try to enjoy this uncertainty as much as I can because everything will work out beautifully. 🙂