Hot Yoga Bliss

by Girl

I’ve made a special discovery during my holidays in Toronto and that is hot yoga.

I wanted to get some exercise but didn’t want to join a gym and wanted to try something new. So I looked up some yoga studios and found out that many of them were offering one week unlimited trial access for just $20. Then I found the best deal of them all – 30 days of unlimited class for just $30! So in early December, I went down to Kula Yoga Annex and signed up for it.

The studio is very chill and relaxing. Some yoga places can be pretentious but I found people friendly at the desk and in change rooms. The “hot” part of hot yoga is the temperature of the room that we practice in – it’s around 37°, which is bearable (hot enough but still breathable). They recommend bringing a beach size towel to put over the mat and half-way through my first class, I was glad that I took the suggestion because I was sweating buckets. The poses vary in difficulty but your body moving and generating heat in that environment is a serious workout! They don’t do Bikram yoga – which I believe is a set series of poses practiced repeatedly – but they do Anusara yoga, focusing on alignment. I have never left the studio feeling like I did too much or pulled something because they are mindful of proper alignment. Every class that I have been to has been different, which keeps my body and mind guessing.

I also went to one restorative reiki class, which was 90 minutes long. I didn’t know what to expect when I was told to grab two thick blankets, two bolsters, two blocks and a belt. A reiki practitioner asked me to pick a word out of a pouch so I did and my word was “patience”. I agreed to have reiki done during the course of the class but didn’t really know what it was. A restorative class consisted of probably a dozen or so poses and variations using lots of props. We would go into a pose then stay in it for a while before adjusting or doing a different pose. It was very suitable for people of all levels and I was surprised at how fast the 90 minutes passed by. The reiki practitioner went from person to person waving her hands over their bodies and meditating over them. When she came to me, I felt warmth in certain parts of my body but no touch. After the class, I asked what she was doing and she said that she was concentrating on getting all the energy in the room and focusing it on me and meditating on the word that I picked. I am not sure what it all means but I accepted it.

So the verdict is – I absolutely LOVE hot yoga…it is challenging but refreshing and detoxifying. My experience at Kula yoga has been very positive. I love their soaps! Their instructors are professional, patient, and encouraging. With my new Yogitoes towel, I am ready for my hot yoga journey in Adelaide!