by Girl

I heard this term the other day and decided to google it…then I stumbled onto this page about self-camera. While I don’t take pictures of myself on webcam or bathrooms, I sometimes think I should practice taking better pictures.

I posted an album on Facebook containing pictures of get-togethers I’ve been to in the past few weeks and the more I look at pictures of myself, I can’t help but think that I look funny. Funny is not really the word that I am looking for but it will do. I look the same in most pictures. Hell, my face hasn’t changed a bit since I was in kindergarten. One of my cousins went through a phase and became unrecognizably pretty when she became an adult, although plastic surgery was never out of the question. I hoped that I too would go through a phase and blossom into an unrecognizably pretty woman but I think that hope is shot.

Not that I am the type to stress over appearance very much. I only started highlighting my hair when I turned 22 and I don’t invest a lot of time into “getting ready to go out”. I’m usually good to go as long as I’ve put some alba moisturizer on my face and burt’s bees honey lip balm on my lips. Perhaps this lack of attention is to blame but make up can only do so much. Ah whatever, I’m rambling.