Holiday dinner my way

by Girl

This holiday season, I wanted to prepare an all-Korean holiday meal for my parents, especially for my dad who has raised me as a foodie. Because of him, I ate all kinds of food starting at an early age to develop my palate. I didn’t want to cook up a whole turkey dinner because nobody in my family has an appetite big enough for that, so I decided to do my take on the holiday dinner. Two mentionable items are “sam gye tang” and “su jung gwa”.

Instead of stuffing a turkey with bread and seasonings, I stuffed cornish hens with ginseng, sweet rice, garlic, and jujubes. I then brought it to a rolling boil for 20 mins followed by almost 6 hours of simmering. It is considered to be a health food, as many Korean foods are. While it was simmering, I had to tend to it by skimming off foam and fat that rose up to the surface. Here are some pictures of my sam gye tang.

For dessert, I prepared, su jung gwa, which is a replacement for sugar & carb-loaded ginger cookies. It is a cold tea made from steeping cinnamon and ginger in water, then adding some Splenda and dried persimmons. To serve, I added some pine nuts.

Of course there were side dishes like roasted seaweed, seafood pancakes, sweet fried chicken and kimchi. Sam gye tang and su jung gwa are my Korean substitutes for Canadian holiday dinner favourites and… – yes, I am biased but it’s true – they are much healthier too.