That sick feeling

by Girl

When I was living in residence, I got sick once with a very high fever. I didn’t bother telling my parents because I didn’t want to worry them. Fortunately, I had really good friends who took care of me day and night and made me lemon and honey tea and a giant pot of chrysanthemum tea non-stop. But I remember thinking back then that I should be more mindful of my health and not shrug off little warning signs so that I won’t get so sick again.

So when my head felt stuffy this morning with a slight sore throat, I went into a healing-mode and ate soft porridge with lemon tea and a shot of ginseng extract, which tastes awful but gave me a boost of energy. I’ve been mellowing out the entire day and I plan to hit the bed with a book before 11p.m., which is super early for me. Hopefully a cup of neo-citron tea will do its usual trick and I will wake up feeling better tomorrow, ready to brave the weather to my hot yoga class downtown. 🙂