No Long Distance Relationship

by Girl

Before I came back to Toronto, Jenn said to me, “You two [Shawn and I] are going to be apart for so long! You are going to miss him so much!”, and I gave her a weak “Yeah…” with some hesitation. The time apart is only for 50 days or so and we planned to keep in touch over the internet so I wasn’t sure that I was going to miss him that much. I was wrong.

Chatting on MSN isn’t enough to really get a feel for how he is doing and an hour on Skype passes by in a blink. Every morning when I get up, it seems like forever since we have spoken. There’s nothing in particular to talk about but just spending time together is impotant. I wonder if he thinks about me during the day. I get nervous about the stability from time to time as it is my nature, but I work hard to fight it off. I am hopeful and anxious when I think of our new adventure in the new year. And above all, I can’t stop being giddy about giving him a big hug at the Vancouver airport arrival gate.