Visiting with Friends

by Girl

I had two good catch ups with some friends and their babies this week!

On Wednesday night, I went over to Jeremy, Rachel and Sam’s house.

It looks like Sam is doing a funky dance! We had a mac & cheese dinner with salad (and bacon for Jeremy and me) followed by some really good soft shortbread cookies. I am surprised by how fast Sam is growing. I visited him at the hospital when he was “no days old” and now he’s walking around, saying words, and doing sign language. Last time I was over was last Christmas and Jeremy invited me to change Sam’s diaper. This year, I had a chance to watch him take his nightly bath. It was very cute and they give Sam a great environment to grow up in. It was great to share what has been going on and be on the same page with each others’ lives. I am excited for their baby #2!

On Thursday, I spent the day chatting with Nicky and Grace.

We went shopping at Markville mall and picked up a rotisserie chicken dinner to have at her home. They had moved way out to a very nice community in Markham since I last saw them. We celebrated with fancy organic white grape non-alcoholic wine. It was my first time really meeting Grace and she is such a smart and easy-going baby! Although she doesn’t talk coherently, it was clear that her mind was going hundred miles per hour just absorbing everything that was happening. I left with a bag of freshly baked gingersnaps!

This weekend is a meet up with my future classmates at Second Cup. I hope it will be a good time to ease our nerves before making the big step and hopping onto a plane – too late to back out now!