25 more sleeps!

by Girl

Only 25 more sleeps before I take off!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been back at home and I have been really enjoying my time. I am actually “busy” doing things, like unpacking at the new house, getting my family’s first real Christmas tree, Christmas shopping, seeing friends, trying out hot yoga, going to workshops, taking care of the paperwork, and reading.

Unpacking is going to take a while, especially given that we don’t really use the bottom two floors – and I’ve accepted that. Whenever I have some time, I try to organize things but my mom usually comes in afterwards and re-organizes things.

Now, I know some people say, “Koreans don’t celebrate Christmas.” While it is true that we don’t all deck the halls in lavishing ways, bake batches of sugary cookies, and prepare ginormous turkey dinners to feed a village of gluttons, we observe the holy day in our own way. Growing up, I decorated artificial Christmas trees, wrote letters to Santa and heard carols. But the real emphasis of Christmas was on baby Jesus as I learned from my parents and Sunday school teachers. The big event for Christmas was going to attend the special church service. I would take being mindful of the true reason behind this season and celebrating modestly in my Korean way over being oblivious and blindly spending money and energy on irrelevant things any day. So take that, culturally-ignorant/insensitive people who don’t know Christmas.

So if you are wondering what I did for my Christmas shopping after reading that rant, I bought some small necessities that my family needs as gifts and I purchased gifts in their honour through Plan Canada. None of us really needs a new big ticket item or anything special so why not spend the money where it’s going to matter? Skylar will be getting/giving a mango tree (yay!), my brother – high energy biscuits to nourish children at times of need, my sister – birth certificate to prevent child trafficking, my mom – clean water for a family, and my dad – farming tools and seeds plus training . All of the money goes directly towards the gifts purchased. Our family did this last year and I feel good to be doing this again.