Freak out!

by Girl

When I was on the yearbook committee in 2002-2003, one of the editors made an embarrassing mistake on their proof. In an aboriginal folklore text about a celebrated hunter, they wrote, “once upon a time, there was a great worrier…” That was funny at the time so when I go into an unnecessary panic mode, I try to recall that meeting.

It’s not that big of a deal but the housing situation in Australia is stressing me out. Of course I won’t be left out in the streets somewhere but I would still like a nice apartment with all the furnishings. Will I live in downtown (yes!) or in suburbs? How long will it take me to get to the school? Where do I buy food? What else can I do around the neighbourhood? Is the area safe?

Now, I prefer renting through a real estate agency because they have a company integrity to protect and are more law-abiding than private landlords. As much as Colliers in Saskatoon was unpleasant, they knew when they had to listen to us when we used certain magic words (e.g. hazardous, rentalsman, fire safety officer) and certain things did get resolved. And there are hard set rules that make it very easy to understand what each party agrees to. With landlords – even the nice ones – they may not be very quick at responding and when things are not on paper, guidelines can get murky. I would much rather pay the extra bucks to know that the property where my possessions are and I am living in is properly managed and up to par with the latest by-laws.

Shawn tells me sometimes that I worry too much and it’s true but it also has a calming effect. After a session of stressing over finding housing, I can relax for a while because I gave it some intense thought. But less than a month away until I leave! Eek!