Spoiled Baby

by Girl

That is what my Skylar is.

This is a PhotoBooth pic of us – poorly aimed – with both of us showing teeth.

He has been receiving constant attention, especially now that I am home. Despite his little size (he’s a Yorkshire Terrier), he is our feisty guard dog. He greets us when we come home and he follows us around the house, which is an exercise in itself. He likes to keep everyone in check and goes into cycles of rest-supervise-rest-supervise with each of us. When he hears the sound of apple skin being peeled, he dashes over to the kitchen and does a cute face asking for a strip of apple skin. When he returns from a walk or finishes a shower, he goes over to his treat box until he gets half a chicken strip or a mini dentabone. He loves to cuddle and sit on people’s laps, as well as getting his tummy rubbed to the point where he is kicking his little foot. I am very happy that my family has taken to Skylar and they are cooperating to take good care of him.

It’s hard not to acknowledge him when he comes to me and looks at me with all the adoration in his little body and soul – or so I like to think. So I bend down and talk motherese to him while stroking his neck. Skybaby, good boy, and chickipoo. I’ve missed him a lot and he missed me a lot too but we are together now and better than ever.