House #4(.5)

by Girl

I feel bad when there have been visitors to this blog but no new posts for a while…:oops:

But I have a legitimate excuse! My family has moved once again to our fourth house in Canada (my eighth family move, including the places in Seoul in my first 10 years and excluding short-term stays & Sask). Technically it’s our 4.5th one if the basement suite stint counts. This one is a pretty nice house and I am happy that my family will be settling here although who knows for how long. I was surprised that my parents chose a 4-storey house with intentions to buy big ticket items to furnish and decorate, because I thought they would be purchasing a bungalow so that they wouldn’t have to climb any stairs as they grow old…?

It’s been pretty hectic with all the moving and it hasn’t ended yet – there are furniture to be put together, boxes to be opened and all the moving business to be taken care of (like changing our gov’t issued IDs). Fortunately, we are familiar with this process so it will be only a matter of time until we slide into a routine. 🙂