Four Hours

by Girl

That is long how I spent in a line up today.

American Apparel was having a rummage sale this weekend up to 85% off. So I got to the location when the sale was to start (10:00) and saw the line up wrapping around one corner of the building. When I joined that line up, I didn’t know what I was signing up for. People were budding in everywhere, pushing and shoving, and the line was barely moving at all. There were little girls who skipped classes to come to the sale and grown ups skipping work to stay in the line up.

I had my iPod nano to keep me entertained (I prefer to shop alone, especially at warehouse sales) but after a while, my legs hurt to bend. I have no idea how hours just passed by but I did not get close to the door at all. In those four hours I spent standing in a line up, I moved…maybe 40 meters? It was ridiculous.

Nearby businesses such as restaurants and real estate offices had a real tough time because their entrances were blocked by a line up of people. Actually, the line had a width of about 6-7 people because of all the budding in that was happening. So a bunch of staff were sent out to make sure that the line up was broken up to free up the drive-ways and entrances and stay that way. Now, inside the warehouse being short-staffed, the line moved much more slowly.

People trickled out ever so often with a bag full of clothes from the sale. The first few had smiles on their faces but as the time went on, they looked disappointed and upset. At the 4th hour, one guy gave a detailed description of the chaos inside: many of the clothes are no-name (not AA brand), many of them are defective, and you’re in luck if you are sizes XS, XL, or XXL. The stock wasn’t being replenished as promised either.

So that did it for me and I left the line up. I tried to walk off the stiffness in my legs and staggered to Kensington Market and eventually got home. My legs are still hurting. That was such a waste of time. I will not go to stupid warehouse sales like that ever again. 😡