A Day in Kensington Market with Anita

by Girl

The title says it all – I had a lovely time with Anita at the Kensington today!

We met at the Moonbeam Coffee Company and had a catch-up session over almond-banana-blueberry smoothies. The weather was nice outside so we sat outside on the patio to chat about Montreal, Toronto, Saskatoon, family, med schools, and the future.

Then we hit up one of my favourite stores – Courage My Love! Click on the link – BlogTO does a real good job of describing CML.

They had a huge collection of cashmeres that were lovely to touch. I started going to this store since mid-teens and it still has the vintage magic air that I love about it. We didn’t buy anything from this store but had fun browsing.

Anita suggested that we go to a relatively new store called Blue Banana Market, and I am glad that we went!

It’s 2-storeys full of one of a kind items and whimsical little trinkets that maybe I don’t need to have but I really want to have. Not only do they ship things from all over the world but they also showcase lots of local talents. I bought two pairs of earrings that were made by local jewelery-makers. We must have spent almost an hour in the store but we didn’t even see absolutely everything. Next Saturday is BBM’s 2nd anniversary in-store party and I hope to drop by. 😀

Our next stop was Wanda’s Pie In The Sky for some yummy food.

Although the pies looked delicious, I had a craving for a brie sandwich after seeing a brie baking pot in the BBM. Anita got a rustic apple pie and we split a little bit of each for a meal – and it was very good!

To finish off a visit to Toronto’s Kensington Market, we rode the streetcar & the subway with the weekend rush-hour crowd. I loved spending time in one of the best places in the city with Anita, who is easy to talk to and fun to hang out with. 🙂