In Transition

by Girl

It was surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) easy to leave Saskatoon. The sad parts were my last times seeing Jenn and Tammy, and saying good-bye to Shawn at the airport. It’s okay, it’s a small world and I will see them again.

I’m “home” but I feel unsettled. Because of all the fun that is real estate, we are in a basement suite now then moving into a new house in Vaughan and dealing with the squatters in our other house. While I did not live in luxury in Saskatoon, this is a marked change from my usual home in Toronto. It’s okay, it’s only a matter of time and then we will be in a house that I like even better than the Alfred house. 🙂

Other things I am excited about: spending time with family/Skylar, decorating the new house, going to quality dance classes, baking for the holidays, having lots to do in this beautiful city and having friends again. I’m going to make a to-do list “Home for the Holidays“.