One Week Left!

by Girl

I have one more week left (nine days to be exact) in Saskatoon until I hop on the plane to go home. 🙂

I cannot wait to see my Skylar and my family. It will be nice to see my friends too. I recently reconnected with a friend from middle school through the magic of Facebook. Some days, it can be annoying but there’s a reason I keep it around.

There’s quite a bit left to do in a week. I decided that I won’t be going grocery shopping because I can live off whatever is already in the fridge and the pantry. I will be packing and cleaning like a mad woman. I have to finish Middlesex and return it to the library. There are cards to write and treats to deliver. And I still get one last dim sum dinner with Shawn, who has been occupied with midterms and TAing this week. ♥

I want to squeeze in a large pot of Angelwater tea (spearmint-lavender) from the Silk Road Tea Company at the CaffĂ© Sola. Dave took us there last weekend on a rainy day. We seem to like getting together on rainy weekends for food. They are community-focused and very selective of the quality of ingredients they use. No pre-made syrups or factory-made pastries here. I had a small pot of Angelwater tea and a fresh loaf of pumpkin bread last time, while Shawn had a soft chocolate espresso brownie just out of the oven to go with his sipping chocolate (extra thick chocolate). Our drinks came in great pottery cups and Shawn and Dave gave them extra points for having heavy cutlery. The employees are great and despite the poor location (and I can’t comment on their coffee), I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a place to chill or chat. It reminded me of how much I enjoy local coffee houses. I have a habit of buying lovely tea so I will have to hold back when I go there.

Somehow this post turned into a rave mini-review for CaffĂ© Sola… :S Well, now you want to go check it out yourself, don’t you?