Hotness My Goodness

by Girl

This is a “just-for-fun” post.

There are some things that, I have to admit, make me swoon when he is not looking. It’s actually harmless because I don’t come across these often in real life…except for some. 😉

  • Humble people who have something to be humble about.
  • Great sense of humour that doesn’t become annoying, which is surprisingly rare.
  • Glasses on handsome men, of course. Don’t you know that I was made an officer in the “Nerds are Hot!” Facebook group?
  • Nice smelling guys make me do shameless double-takes.
  • Sharp dressing men. Not like a confused metrosexual or a desperate hipster. Just clean, neat, and sharp!
  • Blessed with raw musical talent and knowing how to use it. The best example I can think of is…Jason Mraz.
  • Strong and gentle dance leaders who can read my body better than I can.
  • Someone with lots of passion and life.

Well, that was useless rambling. One piece of good news is I am probably finally over Jude Law.

Ah…maybe not yet.