Yummy Pommy

by Girl

I picked up two pomegranates at the grocery store last night since they were on sale – $1.49 each!

The trick to picking a good pomegranate is to choose one that is heavy for its size. I had been intimidated by pomegranates in the past because it was hard to eat them. But I learned how to properly harvest pomegranate arils (ruby bulbs that look like corn kernels) and here is how I did it.

I tried to section off a wedge of a pomegranate. First, I cut off the spiky top and cut it into wedges following the membrane. Some loss of the juice was unavoidable…


I then put the little pommy wedge into a bowl filled with cool water.


In order to extract the arils, I carefully plucked them out. Actually, it was more like tickling them out but that sounds silly. I held it with one hand took off the arils with the other hand.
Note: See the splash of pomegranate juice on my hand? It’s probably best to wear an apron or something dark when doing this. 🙂



Continue and you will start collecting the arils that sink to the bottom and some membranes that float to the top.


I scooped out the membranes with a spoon and collected the arils into another bowl. Don’t they look yummy?


I am eating them by spoonfuls. I love how they just pop in my mouth!