by Girl

I didn’t get a makeover – did (kind of)!

I am not a fan of blue hyperlinks all over the page but maybe I will get used to it. It still looks pretty bare and buggy. I love that my recipe box shows up on the main page, so it’s less of a hassle now to browse through my favourite recipes. also got a makeover of a sort…just the header is different, really. At first, I thought “ummm…” because it wasn’t very nice looking. But then I looked closer and it had her favourite things – banana with a spoonful of peanut butter, and oats. Still, I don’t like the wood-themed header.

Yeah, so this post isn’t super interesting…it’s about website makeovers! Ugh. Well, that’s what you get from a girl who is exhausted from two Clubmynx workouts then barely fed herself instant noodles for dinner (counterproductive!) and is shivering from the shower because there was no hot water, but still feel the need to write a post to chronicle this mundane day for herself and a handful of readers. Oh, and was that a run-on sentence…? 😛


So seconds after posting that, I went to my Google Reader to find something funny I liked the other day:

YouTube Comment or e.e.cummings? By Francois Vincent

1. loog a his lirow nose
2. there is some shit I will not eat
3. LISN bud LISN

4. this i bad sorry to saY
5. leave her alone
she’s not your gal
6. She is Lucifierian !
7. THuNdeRB
loSSo!M iN
8. aThe):l
9. stunned. i. am. stunned. every question speaks to us
10. What is nothing?

Answers – YouTube: 1, 4, 6, 9, 10 & e. e. cummings: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8