Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen

by Girl

Hello Love,

Last night, I went to see A Chorus Line (2006 Broadway revival cast tour) with Shawn! When I learned that they were coming to this town, I hesitated because musicals don’t come cheap but bought the tickets anyway. It was Shawn’s very first musical experience. We were seated on the wrong seats and realized few minutes before the show when the rightful ticket owners turned up. That was a little bit embarrassing. 😳 It was a good entertaining show anyhow and we enjoyed ourselves.

I’ve been getting rid of my stuff a little by little. This week, two boxes were shipped home and I sold my last year’s Halloween costume, hair straightener, and a fan. Super productive! I don’t have much more to sell and I will probably end up giving away most of my clothes and taking the rest back home.

I am looking forward to going home because I don’t have too much to miss here than a handful of people and my gym. I haven’t made many friends and as a result, I get lonely often. I’ve tried to make friends, but people are different out here…so I can’t wait to see familiar faces in Toronto and before moving onto making some great friends in Adelaide.

To end on a sweet note, look what just popped out of my oven – a Saskatoon berry cobbler.


The corner store didn’t have vanilla ice cream so I served it as is to Shawn and his friend Josh. It was actually pretty good and very easy to make! A bit sugary, milky, and plenty of Saskatoon berry taste. It’s going into my recipe book for sure. 😎

An exciting Zumba update: I know many people stumble onto my blog by searching “Zumba Adelaide”. As far as I know, there aren’t any Zumba instruction in Adelaide but that is about to change because there is an instructor workshop on November 15th, 2009! So all fitness fiends in Adelaide, sign up!!!