The Animo Post

by Girl

I was watching Youtube clips of old Douche and Kate Plus 8 episodes (like this one) and came across the babies calling animals, “animos”! Wrong but cute!

I thought it was time for an animo post. I’ve had some weird pets growing up and have strong opinions about some animals. First, here is a preview of my Sky.


My Skylar's big head shot

Although I lived in apartments the whole time I was in Korea (if you have been there and know about population density in Seoul, it’s not surprising), my parents let me have some pets. Not just goldfish and butterflies breaking out of cocoons. There used to be a lady in front of my school who came by sometimes to sell chicks and/or ducks. They were pretty cheap – less than a dollar for a dozen. So I bought a dozen chicks and a dozen ducks to raise in our balcony (not at the same time). I made them houses from cardboard boxes, rooms with windows and furnishings. I changed their bed sheets and made them exercise by racing each other. I yelled at them to be quiet when they beeped at night. There were some who passed away but of the chicks who survived, we gave them away to the school farm because they were too big for us. The ducks were given to a neighbourhood boy who was not nice to them at all and I cried to my mom about it.

I have also had crawfish of some sort whose house I set on the bookshelf and it climbed out of its house and disappeared one morning. We never found it. And a yellow canary that my mom accidentally set free. My dad once gave me an ant farm which was very cool because you could see the underground paths that they made.

Thankfully, I never had to take care of a cat. I think lolcats are the least funniest thing, maybe tied with Will Ferrell. I plan to rip out every cat picture in my Cute Overload daily calendar because they have no souls. Cats are not my favourite animals at all. I don’t understand why some people meow randomly either, but that has only been with Saskatoon. The cat lady is scary.

I have mixed opinions about dogs. I love small dogs but I really do not like bigger slobbering dogs, although well-behaved bigger dogs are okay. My family adopted a sick Yorkie pup who passed away. She was lovely but we couldn’t care for her with her sickness. I feel sad whenever I think of her. We now have Skylar in our family who should really have his own page on my blog. I will add that to my to-do list. He is my love and Skybaby.