Unexpected necessities

by Girl

There are two things that I use on a daily basis that I am not thrilled about using but they do me good.

1) NeilMed Sinus Rinse, or better known as Netipot

I first heard of netipot during a lab meeting when I was getting my first taste of this Saskatchewan winter. Lab members were talking this up and recommending it to fight off sinus congestion that accompanies the common cold. So I made a note at the back of my mind. When my allergy doctor prescribed me a scary-looking Nasonex, I decided to give netipot a try. Whenever I feel stuffy or just really bad because of allergies or dirty air (dust, smoke) I pull out my netipot and give my sinuses a rinse. The thought of filling my sinuses up with saline fluid and squeezing in the solution into one nostril to make it come out the other was intimidating at first, but after a few tries, I felt comfortable. Netipot does not bring me back 100% but it makes me feel much better. I wholeheartedly recommend sinus rinsing to anybody suffering from allergies, pollution, dry sinuses, and nosebleeds.

2) Doctor’s Nightguard

I am a nocturnal teeth-grinder and thought nothing much of it when my mom would tell me because my family didn’t really complain. But I decided to get a nightguard (a mouthguard to wear during sleep) and it has prevented a lot of damage. I literally tore up my last one in few months of using it. It is fun to fit a nightguard – you boil it for a minute then after dipping it in cold water, you mold it to your upper teeth. It’s not perfect but over time, it fits the teeth pretty well. And it is a bargain considering hundreds of dollars to get a nightguard fitted at dentist’s. Shoppers Drug Mart recently had a sale and I picked up three nightguards at $12 each (they are normally around $33 each). Other than preventing damage to teeth and providing peaceful (at times squeaky) sleep, it can decrease jaw pain and headaches. Nightguards are must-haves for anybody with bruxism…it will make a difference in the long run!