Making plans

by Girl

I made two biggest plans (so far) for moving to Australia last night: I booked my flight tickets and a place to stay for a week while I scope out a good flat. It feels good to have thing set in motion now. It will be lots of flying – Toronto to Vancouver to Hong Kong to Adelaide – but I think I will be alright. I don’t enjoy the feeling of flying but I enjoy the experience. Not that I talk to strangers or watch satellite TVs. I like eating my pre-packed picnic, ordering my cranberry juice with ice and napping for a good portion of the flight.

I will be staying at a hostel but in a private room so I can keep my luggage safe while I go around to find a more permanent place to live. I think going a month ahead will be a good thing for me to get settled, get to know the city, and wind down a little before school starts. 🙂