Weird or Normal?

by Girl

There are few things that make me scratch my head.

Does pressing pots/pans onto the burner actually cook food faster? I think the potential time saved is negligible and not worth the effort.

How come my hair texture is changing? It used to be all super straight but there are few strands of squiggly hair now.

How can people be “friends” with their exes especially if they have dated intimately? Let go and even just out of respect for current partners, have proper boundaries.

Why did Grey’s Anatomy substitute Erica Hahn with Arizona Robbins? To replace the fluffiness of Izzie who will be leaving soon?

Why do people join the army if it is not obligatory? South Korea (Republic of Korea) has the 6th largest army in the world because it is mandatory for all able males between the ages 18 to 35 years to join the army for about 2 years, and be available to serve until 49 years of age. But in Canada, it’s by choice.

Why are there so many red-heads in Saskatoon? Makes me think of inbreeding.

While I am at it, why does the TV programming suck in Saskatoon? I could watch the same shows thrice a day.

How come Asian-Caucasian multiracial people look more Caucasian than Asian when they are young but grow up to look more Asian than Caucasian?

Will people that I barely know or speak to ask if they can stay with me when they travel across Australia? I would hope not.

Why do some parents ask their children for money? My parents never did and I would never do it to my children because I think it is very inappropriate, even if it is for rent. There should be no credit or debt between family members. It should not be about teaching a lesson on responsibilities – by the time they are adults and old enough to pay rent, their moral upbringing should be pretty solid.

Who knew there were significant Korean communities all across Eurasia? I know a Korean woman from Moscow who spoke Russian with all other Russians in my dance class and named her daughter Ksenia.

My across-the-hallway neighbour just gave me a freshly baked lemon loaf. It is very yummy. 🙂 She said that it was a long overdue promise. I don’t recall any lemon loaf promise but I’m not going to argue.