Blog Search F.A.Q’s

by Girl

One thing I love about WordPress is that it tells you how people find your blog (other websites probably do this too). So I’ve compiled some common search terms and my thoughts on them.

(Sexy) Gilmore Girls – I don’t have any info on them other than one post about how much I love them. Oh and that rather revealing picture of Lorelai that I put up (well, basically all she wears has cleavage)…good luck finding it! 😉

Saskatoon better than Regina – In my opinion, on the contrary. I like Regina better than Saskatoon. Perhaps because it’s the capital city of Saskatchewan and gets more government money for infrastructure and tourism…? I was very impressed by their Folk Fest during my visit in August 2009.

Quinoa – I haven’t found quinoa in Sobey’s but you could probably find some at Dad’s Nutrition or any other health food/grocery store. I remember hearing that Saskatoon Moms sells them but I am not sure what that is…an online mom’s group?

Berry Barn – Although it’s too late to go berry picking, you could pick up some frozen Saskatoon berries and still go to their great restaurant. It was hard to find the location though. I tried google mapping, using the map on the Berry Barn website, and using the GPS to get to the Berry Barn but ended up in the middle of nowhere. I had to call the place and get directions from them…I would recommend this.

Asian girls – I am Asian. And a girl. So what?