Frothy Milk Heaven

by Girl

With the colder weather comes my cravings for warm comfort drinks. My favourite cold weather drink is a milk steamer. When I got a new French coffee press for my birthday, a little light went off in my head – I could probably use it to froth milk and make a steamer!

Tonight, I was in the mood for a Chai latte. So step one: prepare the tea bag in a nice big tea cup + 1 package of Splenda.


Step two: Boil water to steep tea for a few minutes before adding milk. I like my tea strong! No picture for this one because I was busy with Step three.

Step three: Pour a bit of milk in a pot (I have a non-stick pot) and put the heat on medium-high. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon until you start to see froth – do not boil!


Step four: Pour hot milk into a French press. And now the fun part – pumping! Here is my before shot. I cheated, it’s not a true before shot…it’s after 2 pumps.


And after shot. Look at all the froth! It was so much fun to pump and it didn’t take long either…maybe 12 pumps? I used skim milk so I wonder if it would froth even more with 2% milk…


Here is the end result with all the glorious steamy milk mixed with my Chai tea, which is hidden underneath the froth heaven. I might be doing this more often. It’s super simple and fun!