What to do with this thirst?

by Girl

Look at this WICKEDly green slurpee! It’s Fanta Lemon Lime, but it tastes like Sprite. I just realized that all the mess behind it is in focus and not the slurpee itself. :S


I’ve been really thirsty lately, like parched! And nothing seems to relieve my thirst. It’s a such a dissatisfaction. Any tips?

I picked up something super cute over the weekend at Coles in Midtown Plaza. It was so cute that I couldn’t just have it for myself, so I bought two – one for me, one for Jenn (a fellow cuteoverload.com patron).

What better way to brighten your day than with a daily dose of cute animals and witty captions? I am going to have to burn the cat pages since I hate cats but there’s plenty of other animals to love! I plan to save cute pages and perhaps frame them and put them all over the walls in my place once I get to Australia. 😀